Tattoo artist

Tattoo artist


Just the best interpretations of our sensations

Tattoo Artist

Dotwork Mandala Geometric
Every story is different, every tattoo is unique. You know this little voice inside you, which is telling you that you need "this design" on your skin... Maybe it's time to understand which lines, which dots and colors are going to translate your sensations in the perfect tattoo for your body and your vibes.

Graphic design

Visual identity Webdesign Layout
This small idea which is waking up with you every morning, this project that could make your soul happy and make you live... It's time to look at what you really need to make it ! Starting by a visual representing you passion, your values and aspirations !

Travel Girl

Following the sun and the waves
I make my passions my work ...
I make travels my lifestyle ...
And I'm always looking for the inspiration to...

Give you a deep breath of evasion with my art and lifestyle !

I take inspiration from my environment to be creative. Daughter of the sea and travels, I evolve in the world of surfing, skate, well-being and nature.

If my creations and my way of being speak to you, then I will be delighted to help you to translate your good vibes and ideas through the « perfect » visual representation of your sensations.

“Everything you can imagine is possible”

 Pablo Picasso

A nomad artist

getting lost in the right direction

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