About me

How is ZM Free Spirit ?

A traveling girl with an artistic soul… 

Name: Manon ZAMPIERI
From: Born in Bretagne – France
But I spend most of my life in Spain.

Story: I was born during a trip and I always had the opportunity to live between two oceans, two planes, between a sailboat and an apartment… 
Nomad by nature, it’s not now that I will stop!

My plan :

Make my passions, my work…
Make my travels, my lifestyle…
And find on my adventures all the inspiration to…


Some facts about me

What you should know.

Years living on a sailing boat between Canary Islands & Africa
Français 100%
Español 90%
English 75%
Italian 65%
Português 35%

Yes I’m multilingual




Gluten free

Tattoo Artist

Dotwork Mandala Geometric
Passionate since always by the world of the design, I started drawing 4 years ago. One day, while I was drawing on the beach, next to my surfboard, between two sessions, a tattoo artist came to talk to me to give me the name of an artist who could interest me. Seven months later, during which he discreetly taught me to tattoo, without warning me, he went to Berlin and left me a tattoo machine. When destiny presents itself to you, it must be followed. I made the first tattoo on myself... And I fell in love!

Graphic design

Visual identity Webdesign Layout
I have always been attracted by the desire to translate a message through a visual, to communicate good vibrations and to share good ideas. Graphic design is for me the best way to make our world a better world, a visual is more efficient than a thousand words. And the main purpose of a pretty web page, or a successful logo is to share his idea, his project with the world. That's why my job is mostly with lifestyle brands... Travel brand, surf brand, wellness brand, art...

Travel Girl

Following the sun and the waves
I lived the first 13 years of my life on a sailing boat between Canary Islands and North-West Africa. After, I studied in France, mostly in Paris. Once graduated, I went to work as a language assistant in Catalonia and then in Canary Islands, where I enjoyed surfing after teaching French ... I discovered Asia through Thailand in 2015, and the south of Portugal in 2017. Every trip I just go alone, without plan, just by following my instinct ... So, who knows where I'll be tomorrow?