Creating a perfect lifestyle is possible...

Working as a tattoo artist allowed to be free of my time and my mouvement… 
It’s just a question of organisation… 
It’s not always easy, and to arrived to this it was a long way… And every day it’s full of challenges and new opportunities.
But doing what your love, working with your passions and having time to travel, is not the best way to make your soul happy ?

If you think that my lifestyle and values can represent your brand, drop me a message, and let’s talk ! 


« MAKŪ » is a Hawaiian nickname that originated at the foot of Diamond Head, a mythical mountain that overlooks Oahu. On the Hawaiian archipelago, Maku also refers to someone cool, a state of mind gained in the oceanic culture between volcanic lands and contemplation of the Pacific.
We have made this nickname a tribute to those hours spent on mythical waves between Oahu and Maui. Back in Brittany on our « home spots » we kept alive a spirit of discoveries and adventures, to continue to explore the shores of this world, to find waves always singular.This refined knowledge of navigations allowed us to claim a know-how and a tailor-made expertise in the design of boards, in accordance with the advice given by the greatest shapers.

Maku is a way of life that combines the ecstasy of surfing and interculturality that enriches us every moment. 

Surf girl

Official ambassador of Maku


with Wild Tribe

Outdoor wanderers are everywhere, you pass them day in day out, each with a different journey but with a common cause. WildTribe is bringing together these wanderers into a diversified community of surfers, hikers, snowboarders, skiers, climbers, MTB and more to represent as Ambassadors of the Outdoors.
We want to give something back to the free-spirited outdoor community. You travel the world building memories and sharing adventures across social media. We want to connect those adventures with outdoor brands, providing you some great gear to continue being the ambassadors you are. Whilst helping to spread the word about some cool brands. It seems simple, the most powerful things usually are. 


Sand Cloud is an organization aimed at saving marine life by donating 10% of their profits towards their aim.
Amongst organizations that Sand Cloud supports are Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, San Diego Coastkeeper and the Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

At first the brand started with the single product, Pillow Towel. A reinvented way to achieve more comfort at the beach. Now, items that can be found on their online store include amazing beach towels, shirts, caps, water bottles, backpacks, jewellery, tapestry, socks, beanies and pins! Sand Cloud merchandise keeps up to the latest trends and are unique and super cute!

Videos & Photos

Living, traveling and working with a professional videographer and photographer allowed me to create unique and authentique pictures or videos. 
We always look to find the best point of view sharing the real good vibes of a lifestyle of adventures, work and discovery.

Be passionated about what you do !

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