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Get the interpretation of your sensation

A tattoo is not only a pretty design on your skin. 
Your tattoo is your original design expressing your good vibes and every line and dot have to remember the reason you did it, and the energy you had at that moment.
Getting ink must not be just a painful experience, it’s firstly the moment you let me write your story on your skin forever… 

About their experiences

Every tattoo is unique, every story is different !

Today’s adventure. Went out for ☕ came back with 🌊. Super stoked with how the universe put everything in place for me today to fulfil a little idea I’ve had for a while. Plus I’ve accidentally joined a club of rad surf Chicas all getting waves on Arrifana beach. Fuck life, I love you! 

Terri's Adventures

Storyteller - Optimist - Wave Seeker

Thanks a lot ! It’s amazing ink !! I want to continue soon… ! 

Chris Oer

Conocí a Manon en un concurso de bodypainting en Tenerife. De ahí quedamos un día para surfear y empecé a conocerla!Con muchas coincidencias como el vivir en veleros, amar el arte, viajar mucho … Me enteré que ella tatuaba, empecé a investigar sus diseños y eran todos espectaculares, había encontrado un estilo que me encantaba.La vida actuando, nos encontramos en Algarve.
Aquí de un cover salieron 4 tatuajes muy pensados que se realizaron en un mismo día y sólo tres horas, es una máquina!!
Al mes siguiente nos volvió a tatuar a mi y una amiga juntas.
Y ahora pensando el siguiente, eso sí, de ella seguro!!

Maria Cuesta Maceira

MCM Jewels

The best of the bests, Manon just did this sketch for my tattoo <3 
she said « It’s you Mimi! Mandala for regeneration and feminity and flowers for your heart. 
Cant wait to be inked tmrw 

Miroslava Rogulova

2W Atelier


I am an artist on the road, if you are interested on my work, you want a tattoo or need a design for your local or for a project … Contact me and let’s see what we can do!

“If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play”

John Cleese

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Some of my designs disponible for getting ink.