Get the interpretation of your sensation

A tattoo is not only a pretty design on your skin. 
Your tattoo is your new talisman expressing your energy. Every line and dot have to give you the good vibes and inspiration you need to enjoy the rest of your life… 
Getting ink don’t have to be just a painful experience, it’s firstly the moment you let me write your story on your skin forever… 
It’s not just about having a new tattoo, it’s also about all the process of accepting that we are changing, and this it’s a good thing. 


To make you an idea of how every design it’s created, this it’s what I’m asking : 

● If you already know where and which size more or less you imagine to have it…?
● What is the meaning, the story and the energy you want on it ? 
● Which elements do you want on it ?
● Do you have any inspiration to share with me (illustration, tattoo, picture, videos, music…) 

“If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play”

John Cleese

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